Welcome to my space!


over the last years I've been focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) for Informatics Engineering and Digital Marketing needs for small run businesses, profitable startups and medium corporations. My daily interests include reading and searching for new intelligent digital marketing trends and methods, thus I am trying to help businesses by combining both sciences. My Bachelor studies focused on Informatics Engineering and as the study of data mining played a major and an extremely interesting part in obtaining my Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, I am daily seeking for spicy correlations! Thus, I have continued my research by doing a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligenc applications on Digital Marketing.

I am currently working on Digital Marketing Strategy at Oweb Digital Experience agency delivering Digital Marketing Services, implementation and consulting to customers. I am also working as a lecturer at TEI of Western Greece where I am focused on IT courses including e-commerce, digital marketing, data bases and multimedia applications. My passion for digital marketing and marketing strategies led me following and analyzing any upcoming digital marketing trends combining factors which affect organic and paid searches in any kind of SERP's.

My specialties or passion or areas of interest are: Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Data Mining, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Paid Search Marketing, Local Search, Organic Search, Link Building, PPC (Pay Per Click), Mobile Marketing, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Analytics, Data Analysis, Content Management Systems.

My interests also expand to sports activities where I am a member of several sports clubs. Arts like music, photography and painting makes me feel free. I love nature and I am explicitly interested in animal welfare. I enjoy rational speaking under emotional thinking!

Dimitrios Gkikas